Just One Hour a Day for Me

Just One Hour a Day for Me

I often get asked about how I got into fitness. Starting my fitness journey was not easy, and it still isn’t easy. As a mother of two children, I often struggle with finding a balance: time for home, time for the children, chores, family and, most importantly, time for me. My fitness journey was not planned; after having my second child, I became very depressed. I struggled with finding my purpose. My life belonged entirely to my children and my home, but the more I gave to them, the emptier I would feel because I was not filling myself.  I was becoming unhappy. Out of the 24 hours in each day, not one hour was dedicating solely to me. I felt guilty leaving my boys with my mother or my husband because I was told that once I became a mother, my life would belong to my kids.  The more I tried to live believing that, the unhappier I became. How could I bring joy to my children if I was slowly shutting down? So I purchased a Groupon for a boot camp class, and that’s where it began. I prayed for this moment every night. I asked God to please help reveal my purpose, and there it was–I started my journey. Working out for ONE hour brought me so much joy. It was like therapy. I went home so happy and so excited to get back home to my kids.

Again, the journey is not easy. Each day can present a struggle. We all deal with life issues that can cause us to ask the question, “Do I go to the gym, or should I skip it?” Ultimately, it’s up to you to push yourself. I am a big believer in self-motivation. You can have a whole crowd cheering for you, but what happens when you are home alone? You have to push yourself every day and aim to be the best version of YOU.

I preach about fitness not for the looks, but for the health benefits. Knowing you can add five more years to your life, or even more, why wouldn’t you want to take that step? When you work for the health, the looks will come. You can’t fix a home from the outside only and ignore the inside while expecting it to stand tall. It will fall apart. Fitness is about your health. “How much do you love your life?” is the question.

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