How Green Is Your Garden? Healthy Home

How Green Is Your Garden?

Did you know that the pesticides and fertilizers used on your lawn are filled with chemicals that can be harmful to your health and have even been linked to breast cancer?

Have no fear. You don’t have to live with a yellow, patchy lawn riddled with weeds.

Here’s how to green up your grass in the safest possible way:

  • Test first: Fertilizer is sometimes needed, but generally not every year. Get your soil tested first to be sure you’re only using it when necessary.
  • Get your hands dirty: Don’t be afraid to get those hands dirty – or invest in a pair of chic gardening gloves — and pull out your weeds by hand. You’ll avoid using chemicals, such as weed killers, and you’ll get your fresh air fix —and a workout — to boot.
  • Don’t overwater: Be careful not to overwater your lawn or you could end up with an unwanted mushroom farm. Too much watering can cause fungal diseases to flourish, possibly forcing you to use fertilizer and fungicides to treat the problem.

Whether you’re watching your dog run free or spending time with your family outdoors, nixing those chemicals will help you kick back in your yard this summer, worry-free.

How do you keep the greenest yard?  Tell us @gobreasthealthy with #GreenGarden


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