Fabi Answers: What Keeps You Motivated? Healthy Habits

Fabi Answers: What Keeps You Motivated?

Breasthealth.org recently chatted with Fabiana Ferrarini—wife, mom of 2, fitness model, personal trainer, and the first Latina woman to appear on the cover of Oxygen magazine.  We got the inside scoop on Fabiana’s training routine, fitness tips, and how she balances it all for the sake of her breast health.

Q: How do you stay motivated? What advice do you have for women who may have fallen off track?

Fabi: I am often asked how I stay so motivated. My answer is simple: God keeps me going, my children keep me going, my results, and the many women out there counting on me to be a fitness advocate all keep me going. My children watch me. We are a generation that is slowly starting to evolve into the healthy/fit lifestyle, so naturally our children will follow and they will run with it. It is important that we set a good example and educate them on the benefits of being healthy and fit.

My results also keep me going! I like to take before pictures so I know where I started, and every month I compare. The results show how much work I really put in. Pictures don’t lie, and the peak of a muscle excites me. Our body’s ability to transform is fascinating. Overall I feel healthy, I rarely get sick, and that keeps me going as well!

Fabi flexesNOW, I would like to mention that I do fall off sometimes! But why focus on the negative? I get back up and start again. The journey will not be a quick fix or an overnight sensation for anyone; it’s about adopting it as a lifestyle. It will take time. It will take time to fit it into your everyday schedule, and it will take time to adapt to healthy eating. This journey is about finding techniques that won’t result in failure, or else we will keep failing. You need to find what works individually for YOU.

Don’t stress yourself –  this is not a diet or a race:  It’s your time and your journey! Don’t make excuses!



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