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Summer Skin Without the Sun

Want that summery, sun-kissed look without the harmful UV rays that come with it? Easy! A sunless tanning lotion can give you the same look without the risk.

Sunless tanners have been around for decades, but in recent years they’ve become increasingly natural looking. Where they once may have turned your skin orange, now (if applied correctly) they can give you a subtle and soft bronze glow. It’s a great way to avoid harmful UV rays without the risk of sun-damaged skin.

Interested in trying it out? Before you dive in and lather up, first test it out on a small patch of skin to make sure you’re not allergic. Try to stick with lotions instead of the spray options, which tend to contain more chemicals. It can be a messy process for newbies, but check out these six pro tips and you’ll look like you just returned from an island vacation.

  • Apply tanner at night. It might stain your sheets, so use baby power after application.
  • Exfoliate your skin before applying to get rid of any dead skin cells.
  • Start at your feet and work your way up.
  • Use moisturizing lotion on creases to avoid a buildup of tanner.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after applying.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes before putting clothes back on.

If you’re looking for a short-term solution, you can also try temporary bronzers that can be washed off with soap and water, but opt for wearing dark clothing so that the bronzer doesn’t come off visibly on your clothes.

What’s your best sunless tan tip? Let us know! @GoBreastHealthy   #sunlesstan


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